2013 Waterfront Montessori High School Admissions

As of February 22, 2013



We can't help but brag because this is our first graduating class we are talking about and some of them are our own children!


Interestingly enough, not a single one of our students applied to a Manhattan private school -- and not for lack of trying on their parents' part. It seems our students knew what they wanted and felt they could just as easily find it on this side of the river.


We've heard from all of the schools except County Prep, which should have reported by February 15th, but is MIA.  It's a first choice for one student.






Marist High School, Champagnat Scholar with a St. Marcellin Champagnat Scholarship for academic merit awarding full tuition for all four years of high school. 

High Tech High School, Academy of Architecture and Contemporary Themes, Performing Arts Program, Science Lab Technologies Program (all application first choices)

Holy Family Academy, academic merit scholarship covering half tuition for all four years.

St. Peter's Preparatory School, Rooney Scholarship for academic merit.

St. Dominic Academy, Honors Program with Veritas Scholarship.

Bayonne High School, All Honors Programs (Science Scholars, Mathematics, Language/Social Studies)






Bayonne High School Honors Program

High Tech High School

Holy Family Academy

Hudson Catholic High School

Marist High School (including the MedQuest program)

McNair Academic High School

St. Dominic Academy

St. Peter's Preparatory School