No homework. No tests. No test prep.
If you know WFM at all, you know how objectionable we find testing to be. Standardized testing is not consistent with Montessori, does not take the individual student and an individualized curriculum into account and is not needed as quality control at the end of an educational assembly line (please see our rants on the factory model of traditional (read No Child Left Behind (or NCLB) education)). But, for the last two years, we have tested, if for no other reason than to respond to requests for testing from our parents.
This year, the State of New Jersey's Department of Education is considering a pilot program allowing non-public schools to administer the NJ ASK to private school students. We've asked to be part of it. The NJ ASK, the test administered to all public-school students in NJ, is a product of NCLB legislation, which tied Federal education funding to State test results and then proceeded to allow each State to develop its own tests. Since the SAT-10 was the gold standard in standardized testing before NCLB, we are guessing that the NJ ASK will be a whole lot easier...
SAT-10 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6 Grade 7 (LT)
May 2012 %ile Grade %ile Grade %ile Grade %ile Grade %ile Grade
Aggregate Scores Rank Equiv. Rank Equiv. Rank Equiv. Rank Equiv. Rank Equiv.
Total Reading 87 8.5 88 10.2 88 8.8 Aggregate 95 11.0
Total Mathematics 85 8.8 90 7.9 93 10.4 scores for 2012 88 8.6
Language 91 9.4 85 7.8 83 7.9 are not available. 92 10.5
Science   85 6.7 79 7.0 86 9.3 2011 SAT-10 Results 81 10.7
Social Science 87 7.2 91 9.9 85 8.4 reported below. 77 9.8
Total Battery 85 8.3 86 9.9 85 10.7 84 10.8 87 11.8
Results are vs 2002 National norms (pre-NCLB); grade equivalents are reported in years.months; LT=students who have been at WFM for more than two years.
Amazing things are happening here.