Primary 3

Primary 3 - November 9, 2018

Acts of Kindness

As one of their acts of kindness for the 15 Years/15 Hours service project, the Primary 3 students decorated their own jar to collect Halloween candy for a local senior care center.


Open Tuesday

Open Tuesday was a wonderful opportunity for the half-day friends to enjoy some one-on-one time with their families and share their work during their morning work cycle.

Primary Class Activities - November 9, 2018

Jazz Foundation of America

On Thursday morning, Kindergarten students enjoyed a jazz concert sponsored by the Jazz Foundation of America. Guest artists included Waterfront Montessori’s Music Teacher Greg Murphy on piano, Billy Johnson on double bass and his brother Mark Johnson on percussion.

Non-Napper Activities

The Non-Napping Primary students were excited to learn about North America, the continent in which we live. They learned it is the only continent in the world that has all climatic types. It has savannah and tropical rainforest in Central America, tundra in the northern parts of Canada and Alaska, and permanent ice cap in Greenland, which is considered part of the continent. There are also semi-arid and desert conditions near areas surrounded by high mountains.

The Primary 1 students learned about different animals that live on the North American continent, including the Bald Eagle. They had fun creating their own Bald Eagle puppets

Primary 3 - October 25, 2018

Open Friday

Last Friday, our Full and Extended Day Primary 3 families enjoyed their first Open Friday! Parents visited the classroom to work with their children and see all of the exciting things happening in class. We hope you can join them for the next Open Friday on November 16.

Acts of Kindness

This week the Primary 3 students helped to create a kindness tree. They helped to paint the tree and then push-pinned leaves. They labeled each leaf with an act of kindness.

Carving the Class Pumpkin

In the Halloween spirit, the Primary 3 students watched as Mr. Richie drew a design on and carved the class pumpkin. The students helped to scrub the pumpkin clean, and then remove the seeds and pulp from inside the pumpkin.


Lakes and Islands

This week the Primary 3 students were introduced to a new work: Land and Water Forms. The first forms they explored with the materials were lake and island.


Creating Fall Leaves

In the spirit of Fall, the Primary 3 students worked on color mixing at their craft table. They used precut leaf-shaped coffee filters and eye droppers with fall colors to create a beautiful array of fall leaves.


Spider Hats

The students were overjoyed to take different materials from the classroom to create their own Halloween spider hats!

Primary 3 - October 19, 2018

Piet Mondrian

For the month of October, the artist of choice for Primary 3 is Piet Mondrian, a Dutch abstract painter from the twentieth century. The students were introduced to his work and abstract style of painting and then they created their own Mondrian-inspired pieces using primary colors.

Me Museum

This week the Primary 3 class celebrated a friend’s Me Museum exhibit and birthday celebration.

I Spy

“I Spy” is a simple game that can be played at home to help children learn the beginning sounds of letters. For example, a parent might say “I spy with my little eye something that starts with the _____ sound,” and say a letter’s phonetic sound. Then the child would look for objects beginning with that initial sound. Once a child learns more letter sounds, he or she can build three and four letter phonetic words.

Multi-Step Lessons

The Practical Life area of a Montessori classroom prepares children indirectly for later lessons in all subject areas. In addition to enhancing concentration, coordination and a sense of order, the work helps to prepare them to follow a sequence of steps, focus for longer periods of time and ultimately be better prepared to work on longer multi - step lessons.

Primary 3 - October 12, 2018

Color Gradation

The Primary 3 students enjoyed a lesson about color gradation. They used blue and white to mix a variety of colors from darkest to lightest.

Push-Pin Work

Activities like push-pinning contribute to the growth and success of the Primary 3 students in later works like tracing and labeling maps.

Making a Xylophone

The Primary 3 class experimented with the creation of a xylophone using different levels of colored water in glass vases. After they developed their final product, it was made available as a stationary work for students to explore.

Primary 3 - October 4, 2017

This week the Primary 3 students were introduced to the primary colors. As an extension of the work they explored a number of different color mixing activities. To their surprise, they were able to make a variety of different colors.

The Primary 3 class celebrated birthdays!

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