Toddler 1

Toddler 1 - November 9, 2018

Fall Smelling Jars

This week the Toddler 1 students explored a new material that brought the wonderful scents of Fall into the classroom. Using three perforated small glass jars, students can smell cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. As an extension to this exploration, the children then match each scent to a picture card depicting what is inside the jar. The students work hard to identity each individual smell and match it to its card. This material provides a wonderful outlet for sensory exploration as well as the development and refinement of their olfactory sense.

Dressing Frames

A significant component of the Practical Life curriculum for Toddlers is care of self. To aid in the development of self-care skills the Dressing Frames have recently been introduced to the Toddler 1 students. When choosing this material, students practice essential skills for dressing and undressing, which is a major step towards independence. Students practice manipulating buttons open and closed with the Button Frame, and the physical control, coordination and strength of bringing a zipper up and down with the closed Zipper Frame.

Group Snack

The Toddler 1 students recently began the weekly event of group snack. To prepare for group snack, the students and teachers gather all the tables and chairs in order to create one long table. Students then sit patiently waiting for a place mat, a plate, a cup for water and then serve their own snack. Group snack is a wonderful experience for students to practice patience, Grace and Courtesy, Practical Life skills like spooning and pouring, and social awareness.

Toddler 1 - November 2, 2018

What’s Inside of a Pumpkin

For the last few weeks the Toddler 1 students worked hard to lift, carry, push and roll a large pumpkin throughout the classroom. This interest in pumpkins led to the curiosity of what could possibly be inside a pumpkin. Working in a small group, students discussed possibilities of what could be inside as they eagerly waited for it to be opened. Once it was open they were surprised to discover the squishy, stringy pulp and the slimy and slippery seeds!

"Five Little Pumpkins" Book and Activity

The Toddler 1 students enjoyed reading the book “Five Little Pumpkins” and acting out the story with five real, tiny pumpkins. This activity reinforced counting as the students lined up the pumpkins and delightedly sang along with the book again and again.

Jack-o-lantern Glue Collage

In celebration of Halloween, the Toddler 1 students enjoyed a new Jack-o-lantern glue collage. This work required multiple steps and careful hand eye coordination in order to complete.

Toddler 1 - October 25, 2017

Signs of Autumn

Signs of Autumn are everywhere in the Toddler 1 classroom! These students were fascinated by the basket full of seasonal objects on the Language shelf. The students used a magnifying glass to explore gourds and pumpkins of various colors, sizes and textures while practicing vocabulary such as bumpy or smooth to describe their findings.

Pumpkin-Shaped Spaces

These Toddler 1 students gave their full attention to another new fall-themed activity. Placing tiny pumpkins into pumpkin-shaped spaces has been a fun way to develop fine motor skills and concentration. While they have already practiced transferring objects using one-to-one correspondence with their fingers, the addition of a spoon has added a challenging new element.

Pumpkin Hauling

Toddler 1 friends worked together to try to move a giant pumpkin all around the classroom. This activity called for a tremendous amount of persistence, problem solving and patience as they participated in this wonderful gross motor exercise.

Toddler 1 - October 19, 2018

Numeric Symbols and Quantities

Two new counting activities have quickly become favorites among the Toddler 1 students. These materials are comprised of a series of cards displaying the numeral and an element of control to show how many objects to place on each one. As the child places a fish on each spot or finds the corresponding fall objects for each card, they learn to associate the numeric symbols with the quantities they represent. While many of the students may already know how to count by rote, the association of quantity and symbol is a separate, challenging process that will comprise much of the Math curriculum throughout the year.

Music Class

Music class is always a happy time in the Toddler 1 classroom. The children were delighted when Ms. Cristina brought a giraffe puppet to the circle this week!

Clothespin Work

The new clothespin work has been a popular material from the Practical Life shelf in the Toddler 1 classroom. This work requires great focus as the students figure out how to open and close the pins with enough control to place them along the edge of a bowl. As they happily repeat this activity again and again until they are satisfied, the Toddlers are also sharpening their fine motor skills and strengthening the muscles in their hands.

Toddler 1 - October 12, 2018

Creative Exploration

Art is an integral part of the Toddler 1 classroom. While there are times when the class comes together for special projects for holidays or themes, the art area is always full of open-ended activities that the children can use independently any time they choose. For young children, the process of creating is often more meaningful than the finished product. It is an important time for exploration and discovery as they experiment with different mediums, as well as a wonderful way to invite moments of true peace and concentration.

Dot Painting

The Toddler 1 students have been exploring with "dot" painting. The children are fascinated by the paint stampers and enjoy experimenting by pressing more firmly or lightly as they make patterns and designs.

Fall Collage

A new collage material has also been in constant use by the Toddler 1 students. This work consists of a picture of a bare tree, a glue stick and a bowl full of colorful paper leaves. In addition to providing long, peaceful moments of focus, this work also brings concepts from the outside world into their immediate classroom environment. It is important for young children to feel this sense of connection to gain appreciation for their place in the world around them.

Toddler 1 - October 4, 2017

The Sound Tray

A new Language material, the Initial Sound Tray, has quickly become a favorite activity in the Toddler 1 classroom. The students enjoyed exploring familiar objects that begin with the sound 'b' such as banana, butterfly boat and baby. By seeing the objects paired with the appropriate Sandpaper Letter, the children begin to associate the letter with its corresponding phonetic sound. This lesson also encourages them to listen carefully to the phonetic components of words. Because this lesson is often practiced individually, each Toddler is able to absorb as much information as he or she is ready for at that time. For students acquiring English as a second language, the objects are a wonderful way to practice new vocabulary.

Matching Sea Animals

Matching sea animals with their pictures was a popular Language activity in the Toddler 1 classroom. After exploring the animal figures and talking about their different characteristics and special traits, the students had the opportunity to match them with corresponding pictures of the animals in nature. The Toddlers tend to choose this work again and again, excitedly talking about animals they may already know, such as the shark or clownfish, as well as new animals like the sea horse and sea lion. Other materials in the classroom, such as books or puzzles, offer the chance to reinforce these new vocabulary words as the students delightedly point out animals they recognize from their work.

Two Toddler 1 friends shared a sweet moment while watching boats from the playground.


Toddler 1 - September 28, 2018

Socialization in a Toddler Classroom

The Montessori classroom is a naturally social environment that encourages the children to form meaningful connections with their peers in whatever way feels meaningful to them. The Toddler 1 students already find many ways to interact with their classmates throughout the day, and these interactions are as unique and varied as the children themselves. Whether engaging in imaginative play, helping one another with a task or working side by side, these new friends are building important social awareness as well as forming loving bonds in their classroom community.

A Peaceful Process

The peaceful slate painting work has been in constant use in the Toddler 1 classroom. Using only water, stone and a small brush, the students often spend long, tranquil periods of time exploring this material. After each ‘painting’ is finished, it disappears and provides an opportunity for a new one to begin. The children do not mind at all that their masterpieces are only temporary. This reminds us that, for young children, it is the process that is important rather than the product.

Conversation Starters for Toddler 1 work:

  • The children had their first Fire and Safety drills recently. The class did well and this is still a big topic of discussion for many of the children.

  • The children enjoyed their first neighborhood walk by the waterfront.

Toddler 1 - September 21, 2018

Music with Ms. Cristina

The Toddler 1 students were delighted to welcome our Music teacher, Ms. Cristina, to their classroom this week. The children enjoyed dancing with scarves, playing bells and using a rhythm rope while singing about a galloping horse. Music class is always a happy time in the classroom and takes place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.

Practical Life

Practical Life is an important subject area of the Toddler 1 curriculum. Work in this area is designed to develop skills necessary for carrying out tasks in daily living. Some activities, such as spooning small objects between bowls or opening and closing a set of containers with various closures, are found on the classroom shelves. Other Practical Life activities occur naturally within the children's environment throughout the morning. When the students pour their own water, put away their work or wash their own hands they are learning important life skills to help care for themselves as well as their surroundings. All of these Practical Life activities help the children to develop their sense of order, concentration, coordination and independence.

Conversation starters for the Toddler 1 class:

  • Walked to the playground holding the red rope

  • Began having Music class with Ms. Cristina and Spanish time with Ms. Rose

  • Favorite songs: Good Morning Mr. Red Bird; Open, Shut Them; The Old Gray Cat

Toddler 1 - September 14, 2018

Orientation Week

It was a lovely orientation week in the Toddler 1 classroom! Our new students are already becoming comfortable and secure as they discover their new environment and get to know their friends and teachers. Everyone looks forward to a fantastic school year!

Toddler 1 - June 12, 2018

Last Day of School

It has been an amazing school year for the Toddler 1 class! 

End of Year Birthdays

The Primary 1 class celebrated summer birthdays before the end of the school year.

Father's Day

The Primary 1 students were excited to create special gifts for Father’s Day.

End of Year Games

The Primary 1 students enjoyed the end of the year games and activities.

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