The Flow - June 11, 2019

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We Wish Everyone a Wonderful Summer!
We hope you have a great break andwe look forward to seeing our WFM Familiesback in September!

Thanks to all of our families for the generous remembrances for our staff!

We appreciate your thoughtfulness and we consider it an honor to be entrusted with the education of your amazing children. 

As always, we are glad to have your family as part of our WFM community!
We hope you are looking forward to a wonderful summer!

 Chris Viteznik, Admissions & Communications 
Dave Potosnak, IT Manager

Lower School - June 11,2019

Toddler 1

Todder 2

It has been a joy to watch the Toddler 2 students grow in independence, form wonderful friendships, and learn so much about the world around them this year.  We feel grateful to have spent the year in the company of such a lovely group of children, and we wish all of our beloved Toddler 2 families a delightful summer! 

Primary 1

The Primary 1 students made beautiful cards for Father’s Day, then a friend presented her Me Museum to the class. Everyone had so much fun playing Bingo on their last day of school!

Primary 2

Weekly Announcements - June 7, 2019

 REMINDER:  Tuesday, June 11, is the last day of school for this year and the School closes at 3:15 p.m.  There will be no Extended Day care and no AfterSchool classes that day.  

Thanks to all of the families and friends who celebrated our young musicians
at their concerts this week! 
They devoted many hours to lessons and practice and we appreciate your support of their efforts.

Thanks also to all who visited the Upper School Art Exhibit!
We hope you enjoyed the talents of our young artists.

We appreciate your support of all of our End of Year picnics & activities!
End of Year Picnics for the Elementary and Middle School classes are coming up next week.  
Picnics are for students only.  Please review and submit your child’s online permission slip when you receive it. 
Lower Elementary Picnic:
  Monday, June 10  (permission request sent via SignUpGenius)
Upper Elementary & Middle School:  Tuesday, June 11  (permission request sent via SignUpGenius) 

Last Call:  Spring School Pictures Still Available Online!
You may view your child's gallery and order online andphotographs will be shipped directly to your home.  
Please use this link and the personal access code sent home in your child’s 
Friday Folder today to order your photographs online:


Give Your Child an Amazing Summer at WFM Summer Camp!
June 27 – August 9, 2019
Toddlers:  reaching for Independence
Primary:  Beautiful Biomes – Flora, Fauna & Fun!
Click here for more information and to register:

WFM Fine Arts Summer Camp with Ms. Stacey
Week 1:  June 12 - 14 (3 days)
Week 2:  June 17 - 21 (5 days)
9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Reserved for WFM students in Grades 1 – 8
(Applicants must have completed Grade 1 prior to the start of camp.)
Each week campers will enjoy lessons in drawing, painting and sculpting.
Apply online:

As always, we are glad to have your family as part of our WFM community!
We hope you are looking forward to a wonderful summer!

 Chris Viteznik, Admissions & Communications 
Dave Potosnak, IT Manager

 Calendar Notes:  (Dates and events are subject to change)
Monday, June 10 – LE End of Year Picnic; Upper School Talent Show, 
         Middle School Graduation (at WFM)
Tuesday, June 11 –  LE Ice Cream Party; UE & MS Field Day & End of Year Picnic;
         LAST DAY of school year; 3:15 p.m. close; No Ext. Day
Thursday, June 27 through Friday, August 9 – WFM Summer Camp

Toddler 1 - June 7, 2019

End-of-Year Picnic

The Toddler 1 class had a lovely end-of-year picnic as they joined the Toddler 2 class for snacks, bubbles, chalk and dancing on a beautiful Spring day!


Sorting is an important Sensorial activity that helps young children to begin mathematical logic and thinking. By sorting, students must realize that objects are alike and different, as well as that they can be organized into certain groups. This type of work also helps to satisfy a child’s need to independently cultivate order in their world. The Toddler 1 students enjoyed using the land, air and water sorting work by identifying different vehicles and then determining where they belong.

End Of Year Project

The Toddler 1 students enjoyed getting their hands messy for a special end of the year project!

Toddler 2 - June 7, 2019

Releasing the Butterflies

The Toddler 2 students were full of joy when they finally released their butterflies on the playground today. After weeks of caring for them as caterpillars, waiting patiently while they were in their chrysalises and observing them fly around the butterfly habitat in the classroom, they were delighted to let them fly free on a beautiful spring morning. It was a wonderful experience for the Toddlers to observe the entire life cycle, and we wish our butterflies good luck as their journey continues!

Geometric Solids

Having explored the Geometric Solids for several weeks, many Toddler 2 students can now confidently identify everything from a cone to an ovoid. This week, they enjoyed matching these three dimensional shapes to some of their real-life counterparts. They were delighted to discover that a can of soup is shaped like a cylinder, for example, and that a familiar egg-shaker from Music class is actually an ovoid.

End-of-Year Picnic

The Toddler 2 students enjoyed snacks, games and fun with their Toddler 1 friends during their end-of-year picnic on the playground. The children played with bubbles, made chalk drawings and danced together during their fun-filled time outside. It was a lovely way to celebrate the end of a wonderful year!

Primary 1 - June 7, 2019

Lady Bugs

The Primary 1 students studied all about ladybugs. They created ladybug arts and crafts, and even more exciting: They observed the development of ladybugs in their own classroom, from larva to adult ladybug.

Me Museum

A Primary 1 friend was excited to present to her classmates some beautiful pictures of her adventures and her pet.


Montessori Birthdays

The Primary 1 students were happy to celebrate the birthdays of their friends and wish them all the best for the future!

Class Picnic

The Primary 1 students had so much fun celebrating at their End of the Year Picnic!


The Kindergarteners worked diligently and enjoyed doing one of their special embroidery projects.

Primary 2 - June 7, 2019

Life cycle of a Butterfly

For the past 22 days the Primary 2 students have cared for caterpillars in their classroom. They documented growth rates and changes in the appearance of the caterpillars as well as their progress through changes in the lifecycle from caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly. The students look forward to releasing the adult butterflies soon!

Birthday Celebration

The Primary 2 class celebrated the birthday of a Kinder friend who turned six years old.


To commemorate the end of the school year, the Primary 2 students enjoyed outdoor fun on the playground and brought healthy snacks to share with friends.

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