Toddler 1 - March 15, 2019


Yoga practice has quickly transformed into a favorite Toddler 1 activity! Throughout their mornings, students have practiced Yoga during group circle, as well as by independently engaging in the new “Yoga work”. First, the child carefully lays out their yoga mat and takes off their shoes. Next, they choose a pose from a box of yoga picture cards. Then, they practice the pose on their mat for as long as they like. Yoga offers the children a chance to explore the different ways they can use their bodies, provides a constructive outlet for physical energy and gives them an opportunity for a peaceful rest in the classroom whenever they feel they might need it.


At any given time in the Toddler 1 classroom you can witness at least one child deeply engaged in a book. Reading books is an incredibly important part of a child’s day as it promotes brain development and imagination while teaching children more about language, the world around them, and themselves. Having access to books to explore independently, in small groups, or listening alongside a reading adult are important pre-reading activities and opportunities for socialization.

Emotion Cards

As the T1 children continue to grow and mature, they have begun to explore feelings and emotions in a more articulate way. Recognizing and naming emotions is an important rst step toward helping young children manage their feelings. During an emotional episode, simply identifying a child's feeling as "angry," "sad" or "frustrated" can often help them to calm down and begin to control the emotion. A new piece of work helps the students to practice identifying common emotions. A series of picture cards displaying happy, sad, angry, silly, and other faces is set out with a small mirror. When a child chooses the work, they identify the feeling on the card and practice making the same face in the mirror. This activity often leads to discussions about what makes us feel certain things, and how we can behave when we encounter di cult feelings.

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