Toddler 1 - May 17, 2019

New York City Landmarks

A new Language activity in the Toddler 1 classroom this week involved matching a variety of New York City landmarks to their pictures. The children were delighted to identify familiar favorites like a taxi, a subway train and the Statue of Liberty. They often share their own stories about encountering them in real life. They also enjoyed learning about some interesting buildings in the city, such as the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center and the Guggenheim Museum.

Magnetic vs Non-Magnetic

Toddler 1 students enjoyed a new activity experimenting with magnets. Using a magnetic wand, the children determined which items in a bowl are magnetic and which are not. The students explored exactly what makes something magnetic and enjoyed predicting whether or not an item would stick to their magnetic wand.

Welcoming Caterpillars

On Wednesday the Toddler 1 students welcomed caterpillars into their classroom! After discussing the lifecycle of a butterfly and the process of their metamorphosis, the Toddlers carefully studied the caterpillars. Each day the students attentively watch the caterpillars as they eat and quickly grow in size! To expand on their learning about the life cycle of a butterfly the students also explored a variety of butterfly themed books, life cycle materials and a new butterfly circle time song.

“Butterfly Spider Caterpillar Palace”

The Toddler 1 class proudly presents Butterfly Spider Caterpillar Palace! After enjoying making their own individual symmetrical paintings, the whole class worked as a group to create one large piece of art. Each child chose a color, squeezed a few drops on the paper and watched in anticipation as the paper was folded in half and opened again. The children loved to chat about what they thought the design looked like and as you can see from the name that the children chose for our project, there were several different opinions!

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