Lower Elementary East

Lower Elementary East - January 11, 2019

Land & Water Forms

First year Lower Elementary East students had a lesson about land and water forms. They applied their knowledge to search for and then create models of land and water forms they found in Asia.

A Trip to Asia

This week, the Lower Elementary East class traveled across the world to explore Asia! They started with it’s geographical location and learned that not only is Asia the largest continent, but it has 48 countries and over half of the worlds population. They also read Asian folktales, made Asian shadow puppets and conducted their own research to learn more about the amazing cultural aspects of the continent.

Creating Book Covers

First and second year Lower Elementary East students learned about differentiating informational texts and narratives. After their lesson, they independently created their own book covers of both types of texts.

Lower Elementary East - December 21, 2018

Sorting Donations

Lower Elementary East students helped inspect and fold clothes before they were delivered to the for the Hope House clothing donation.

Snow Globe Stories

Before the break, the Lower Elementary East students wrote short stories about what it would be like to live in a snow globe for a day. The class took the project one step further by creating their own snow globes and placing their photos them to bring the stories to life!

Upper School Fall Concert - December 14, 2018

The Upper School students welcomed their friends and families to share all of their hard work at this year’s Falls Concert. The students played prepared arrangements on the piano, guitar, and violin.

Lower Elementary East - December 7, 2018

Grammar Lessons

All Lower Elementary East friends had Grammar lessons this week. First year students continued exploring common and proper nouns. Second and third year students learned about prepositions and how they act as a bridge between two phrases or noun families.

Hope House Donations

The Lower Elementary East students started going through their clothing donations to ensure they are in good condition and ready to be taken to the Hope House. They are so happy to see how generous people have been with their donations. They send thanks to all the students and families who donated!

STEM Fair Work

The Lower Elementary East students worked on a solar system project as part of their STEM Fair contribution.

Lower Elementary East - November 30, 2018

Welcome Ms. Jenna!

The Lower Elementary East students welcomed Ms. Jenna this week! They got to know her by playing some ice breaker games.


Triangle Exploration

The Lower Elementary East third year students dove into triangle explorations! They reviewed their classification studies from last year and worked with them more closely to discover that triangles are constructors of other shapes.

Studying the Autumn Leaves

The Lower Elementary East students explored leaves as part of their Botany studies. First year students labeled the parts of a leaf, while second year classmates classified leaves by their vein patterns. The third year students did an experiment that helped to explain why leaves change color.

Lower Elementary East - November 16, 2018

Longitude and Latitude

While older students did some deeper explorations about the planets with their own independent research, all Lower El East friends took a closer look at the Earth’s geography. The class discussed longitude and latitude, specifically the location of the equator and the prime meridian. They also used atlases and maps to make their own discoveries.

Compound Words

The first year Lower Elementary East students had a Language lesson about compound words.

The History of Money

They were also introduced to bartering and the history of money and then they started exploring the penny.

Meadowlands Environment Center

Despite the chilly weather, the Lower Elementary East students had a great time on the field trip to Meadowlands Environment Center! They learned about the type of water in the marshes they observed and they even used nets to look closer at some of the living things in the habitat.

Lower Elementary East - November 9, 2018

The Solar System

Lower Elementary East friends were introduced to the Solar System unit this week. They started by exploring the order of the planets and were truly surprised by some of the facts they discovered about each planet!


Two Lower Elementary East students shared a presentation about Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, as they celebrated the Indian holiday on Wednesday. Their classmates learned about the traditions of the holiday and had the opportunity to make their own diyas, special lamps used to celebrate Diwali.


Grammar Lessons

Third year Lower Elementary East students explored conjunctions during their Grammar lesson this week.

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