Primary 1

Primary 1 - March 15, 2019

Celebrating Montessori Birthdays

This week the Primary 1 students were happy to celebrate the birthdays of some of their classroom friends.

Me Museum

The Primary 1 students continued to get to know their friends and their favorite things through the Me Museum exhibits of their classmates.



The Primary 1 class was excited to learn different facts about Antarctica and the animals that live there. They enjoyed sensorial experiences related to cold, such as feeling ice cubes and putting their hands in cold water. They also worked with animal figures and created their own penguin figures using different materials.

Primary 1 - March 8, 2019

Montessori Birthdays

Two Primary 1 friends were happy to share their birthday celebrations with their classmates.

Friendship Rocks

As part of their 15 Years, 15 Hours project, the Primary 1 students were happy to paint friendship rocks and give them to someone special in their neighborhood.

Primary 1 - February 28, 2019

Me Museum

A Primary 1 student presented her Me Museum to her fellow classmates. She shared some pictures of her family, trips, hobbies and her favorite book.


New Lessons

Children enjoyed engaging in new activities, practicing new lessons across the areas and working with their favorite materials.

15 Years, 15 Hours

As part of our 15 acts of kindness, children in Primary 1 helped the Liberty Humane Society by creating posters to help promote animals available for adoption.

Non-Nappy Activities - February 28, 2019

South America

This week the non- napper students were introduced to the continent of South America. They learned about the Inca Empire: their knotted strings for record keeping, language, agricultural innovations and postal system. All of these amazing creations existed even when they lacked many resources. Students enjoyed coloring their own Inca mask.

Primary 1 - February 14, 2019

Valentines Day

Primary 1 students enjoyed making special cards for their loved ones for Valentine’s Day. Young students used push-pins and colors while older friends practiced their sewing skills.


Primary 1 students enjoyed learning about the continent of Australia. They were excited to recreate their own Aboriginal art and make didgeridoos.

15 Years, 15 hours

As part of WFM’s 15 Years, 15 Hours project, Kindergarteners enjoy visiting Toddler classrooms to work with their younger schoolmates.


Open Friday

Primary 1 students and parents had fun working together during Open Friday.

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