Toddler 1

Lower School - June 11,2019

Toddler 1

Todder 2

It has been a joy to watch the Toddler 2 students grow in independence, form wonderful friendships, and learn so much about the world around them this year.  We feel grateful to have spent the year in the company of such a lovely group of children, and we wish all of our beloved Toddler 2 families a delightful summer! 

Primary 1

The Primary 1 students made beautiful cards for Father’s Day, then a friend presented her Me Museum to the class. Everyone had so much fun playing Bingo on their last day of school!

Primary 2

Toddler 1 - June 7, 2019

End-of-Year Picnic

The Toddler 1 class had a lovely end-of-year picnic as they joined the Toddler 2 class for snacks, bubbles, chalk and dancing on a beautiful Spring day!


Sorting is an important Sensorial activity that helps young children to begin mathematical logic and thinking. By sorting, students must realize that objects are alike and different, as well as that they can be organized into certain groups. This type of work also helps to satisfy a child’s need to independently cultivate order in their world. The Toddler 1 students enjoyed using the land, air and water sorting work by identifying different vehicles and then determining where they belong.

End Of Year Project

The Toddler 1 students enjoyed getting their hands messy for a special end of the year project!

Toddler 1 - May 31, 2019

Working With Friends

The Montessori classroom is an inherently social environment that encourages the children to form meaningful connections with their peers in whatever way feels natural to them. Toddler 1 students always nd many ways to interact with their classmates throughout the morning, and these interactions are as unique and varied as the children themselves. At this point in the school year, many Toddler 1 students are interested in using "work for two friends": activities that are designed for or can be open to collaboration between two or more children. Whether engaging in imaginative play, playing bingo or building together with manipulatives, these friends are developing interpersonal intelligence as well as forming loving bonds with their classmates.

Feeding the Caterpillar

The “Feeding the Caterpillar" work was an instant favorite in the Toddler 1 classroom! After enjoying the story “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” for the past few weeks, students were excited to feed the caterpillar the same foods from the book. This work allows for a delightful independent dramatic play experience, or can provide a wonderful opportunity for collaborative play between classmates.


Over the past weekend, the Toddler 1 caterpillars made an exciting change from large caterpillars into hanging chrysalises! The students were fascinated to witness the next stage of the metamorphosis.

Toddler 1 - May 24, 2019

Watercolor Painting

A popular new activity in the Toddler 1 Art area this week is watercolor painting. The students enjoyed expressing themselves through a new artistic medium and exploring a more challenging painting technique. This piece of work also requires the students to complete a complex series of steps: first, they carry a jar to the bathroom and fill it with water. Next, they must carefully carry the jar back to the easel. They must remember (or figure out through trial and error) the proper sequence of steps for painting: first the brush goes in the water, then on the paint, then on the paper. After the painting is done, they return to the sink to pour out the dirty water. Finally, they hang their finished painting up to dry.

Butterfly Themed Materials

With the exciting arrival of caterpillars last week, Toddler 1 students explored a variety of butterfly life cycle themed materials. The materials are scattered throughout the classroom in all areas of the curriculum such as Art, Practical Life and Language. At circle time students sing a loving song about the metamorphosis called The Fuzzy Caterpillar and to help decorate the classroom the students collaboratively crafted
butterfly sun catchers using tissue paper.

Lyrics to the Circle Time Butterfly Song:
Sung to the tune of “Itsy-Bitsy Spider”
“The fuzzy Caterpillar climbed up on a leaf,
She spun her little Chrysalis and then she fell asleep,
While she was sleeping she dreamed that she could fly,
And later when she woke up she was a Butterfly”.

Toddler 1 - May 17, 2019

New York City Landmarks

A new Language activity in the Toddler 1 classroom this week involved matching a variety of New York City landmarks to their pictures. The children were delighted to identify familiar favorites like a taxi, a subway train and the Statue of Liberty. They often share their own stories about encountering them in real life. They also enjoyed learning about some interesting buildings in the city, such as the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center and the Guggenheim Museum.

Magnetic vs Non-Magnetic

Toddler 1 students enjoyed a new activity experimenting with magnets. Using a magnetic wand, the children determined which items in a bowl are magnetic and which are not. The students explored exactly what makes something magnetic and enjoyed predicting whether or not an item would stick to their magnetic wand.

Welcoming Caterpillars

On Wednesday the Toddler 1 students welcomed caterpillars into their classroom! After discussing the lifecycle of a butterfly and the process of their metamorphosis, the Toddlers carefully studied the caterpillars. Each day the students attentively watch the caterpillars as they eat and quickly grow in size! To expand on their learning about the life cycle of a butterfly the students also explored a variety of butterfly themed books, life cycle materials and a new butterfly circle time song.

“Butterfly Spider Caterpillar Palace”

The Toddler 1 class proudly presents Butterfly Spider Caterpillar Palace! After enjoying making their own individual symmetrical paintings, the whole class worked as a group to create one large piece of art. Each child chose a color, squeezed a few drops on the paper and watched in anticipation as the paper was folded in half and opened again. The children loved to chat about what they thought the design looked like and as you can see from the name that the children chose for our project, there were several different opinions!

Toddler 1 - May 10, 2019

The ‘Bring Me’ Activity

For Toddler 1 students with a solid grasp of the connection between numerals and quantities, the Bring Me activity offers them a chance to reinforce that connection with a fun, treasure hunt style game. After the student has identified the number, a teacher will ask him or her to find objects in the classroom, such as one crayon or two blocks, and bring them to the corresponding number on the rug. The game often continues with numerals all the way through nine, which can be very "big" work for the child. This activity requires a great deal of patience, concentration and perceptual ability and helps to enhance the student’s counting skills.

Matching Music

Musical instrument object and picture matching is a favorite new Language activity in the Toddler 1 classroom. The students love to pretend to play each tiny instrument as they explore familiar and new vocabulary such as a flute, guitar, violin, french horn and trumpet. They also enjoyed listening to the sounds of instruments at circle time, trying to guess the instrument as the sounds were played. They are becoming experts at identifying the sounds of an accordion, a snare drum, bagpipes and a vibraslap, just to name a few!

The Water Table

The Toddler 1 students were busy washing dishes at their water table! This Practical Life work teaches children to care for their environment, as well as provides a material that requires multiple steps to complete.

Toddler 1 - May 3, 2019

Silhouette Matching Work

Toddler 1 students used the new silhouette matching work from their Sensorial area. Having carefully laid out the cards showing the silhouettes of a variety of objects, the children match the corresponding objects to their shapes. This activity encourages visual discrimination and helps the children to understand the relationship between a three-dimensional object and the two-dimensional representation of that object on the card.

Leaf Polishing

A new leaf polishing activity is available in the Toddler 1 classroom. After sprouting beans and planting herbs the past few weeks, these budding gardeners were excited to help their class plant continue to grow. The children used their most careful hands to spray the leaves and delicately wash them with a small cloth or cotton ball. There is also a tiny magnifying glass to observe the plant or check for any spots that still need attention. This is a beautiful way for the Toddlers to feel responsible in the care of their environment and appreciate the simplicity of nature.

Bean Updates!

Each day Toddler 1 students come into school excited to see any progress or visible changes that have occurred to their kidney beans. Using a magnifying glass, students carefully study the beans and delight in their many changes. Many of the beans have started to spread their roots!

Toddler 1- April 26, 2019

Earth Day

To celebrate Earth Day, Toddler 1 students were joined by several second graders for a lovely morning of planting herbs. After singing "Good Morning, Dear Earth" as a group, the children worked together to pour soil into cups, sprinkle in basil, chive or cilantro seeds and spray their plant with water. The plants are now happily in the classroom where the Toddler students will continue to water, observe and care for them each day.

Sequencing Cards

Sequencing cards, or "story puzzles" are a popular new language activity in Toddler 1. The students enjoyed putting the picture cards in order and then telling a story about what is happening. While creating is a story is fun, the class is practicing the ever important concept of sequencing. This activity builds on the children's powers of observation while helping to develop the ability to understand and arrange purposeful patterns of actions or ideas.

Building Blocks

A set of colorful, interlocking building pieces has been a new favorite in the Toddler 1 classroom. The open- ended nature of this activity invites experimentation and allows students to become absorbed in this work for long stretches of time. Some children chose to sort by color while others made three dimensional designs and displayed remarkable persistence and fine motor control.

Toddler 1 - April 18, 2019


This week, the Toddler 1 class began the process of attempting to sprout their own beans. Each child selected several beans, folded them in a paper towel, moistened them by spraying a water bottle and carefully sealed them in a bag. The bags were then placed in a window to absorb plenty of sunlight where we will continue to observe them each day!

Symmetrical Painting

The Toddler 1 students recently experimented with "symetrical painting". To do this, each child carefully squeezed drops of paint onto a paper before folding it in half. After attening it down and spreading their hands around the top of the paper, they opened it to reveal a new design. They marveled at how the paint looked the same on both sides of the paper and talked about what they thought each image looked like.

Toddler 1 - April 12, 2019


The Toddler 1 class had a great time making guacamole as a part of their weekly group snack project! They enjoyed guessing what color the avocados would be inside, examining the pit, smelling the lemon and taking turns mashing the avocado inside a bag. Being involved in food preparation is a wonderful way to encourage even the pickiest of eaters to explore new foods. Almost everyone chose to try a bite along with their tomatoes and pretzels!

Cherry Blossoms

The Toddler 1 students were delighted to find that some real cherry blossom branches had found their way into the classroom! Some children chose to bring the flowers to their table while they worked on cherry blossom collages while others simply enjoyed a moment of peaceful exploration.

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